3. Install cache
Use a caching plugin to optimize more your speed
Remember, Penci Speed Optimizer is not a cache plugin. After optimizing the website structures according to the pagespeed insight knowledge, you need to install a cache plugin to speed up your website.
Some popular cache plugins for WordPress such as: WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Supper Cache. You can pick one caching plugin and use it.

WP Rocket

Cache tab: turn on 2 options
  • Enable caching for mobile devices
  • Separate cache files for mobile devices
Tab "File Optimization": Turn OFF all options
Tab "Media": Turn OFF the following options
  • Enable for images
  • Enable for iframes and videos
Tab "Preload": Turn OFF Preload Links

WP Fastest Cache

Enable the following options
For other cache plugins, configure it in principle:
  • Do not enable features: lazyload, merge + minify CSS & JS
  • Do not enable CDN feature, Lazy, Rocket on external service CDN like Cloudflare, Godaddy
Because it may conflict with the Penci Speed Optimizer plugin


When you using Cloudflare you need to disable the following features.
Rocket Loader
Rocket Loader is a feature of Cloudflare in support of website speed up. However, it's completely unnecessary for our optimization plugin.
After enabling the Rocket feature in Cloudflare, you will see "rocket-loader" text when run view-source mode in the browser. Remember, any functionality that involves modifying your website's HTML from outside the PHP code will conflict with our Penci Speed Optimizer plugin code. So you need to turn it off.
To disable, open the Cloudflare panel, go to the Speed tab and scroll down to the "Rocket Loader" section and select off.