1. Installation
Install the plugin Penci Speed Optimizer & some requirements to get it works
  • Active PHP Extension mbstring on the Hosting
  • Allow using PHP function curl_exec


You install normally like other plugins but use the file upload method. Note: In order for the installation to be successful, you need to make the folder wp-content/plugins writable.
Before proceeding to install the plugin we suggest you to disable cache plugins such as WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache..to avoid errors during optimization implementation. After optimization is complete, re-enable the cache plugin and configure it according to the instructions in step 4.
To install, you login to the WP admin page and go to Appearance > Install Plugins > select to install plugin "Penci Shortcodes & Performan" and "Penci Speed Optimizer". You need to activate both plugins "Penci Shortcodes & Performan" and "Penci Speed Optimizer" to get it works correctly.
After installed & activated the plugins "Penci Shortcodes & Performan" and "Penci Speed Optimizer", you can go to Customize > Speed Optimization > PageSpeed Optimizer > and check to "Enable Page Speed Optimizer"
  • Set PHP memory limit in the wp-config.php file: define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M');


This plugin will not edit or delete any files on the hosting. The optimization process will generate new js & CSS files based on the original files of the website. In case you change CSS and js files for your theme and plugins so you need to tell with the plugin that you have modified them. To do this you can go to Dashboard > Settings > PageSpeed Optimizer > and press the [Purge All] button to refresh the CSS and js files generated for optimization.

Hosting configuration

Some hosting have to install software for viruses scanning or security plugins automatically delete suspicious files. Penci Speed Optimizer plugin has used curl_exec function, and the PHP file can be removed by your host. To ensure plugin works without errors, please exclude virus scan from folder plugins/wp2speed
Enable mbstring php extension.In cpanel, find 'Select PHP Version' & click on it.
Check mbstring as bellow:
Allow curl_exec function.in `Select PHP Version` app, click on 'Options' tab.
And make sure `curl_exec` not in disable_functions field.
Exclude virus scan in the plugin folder. Open imunify 360 / imunify AV app in cpanel. Click tab 'Ignore list' & click the link 'Add new file or directory'.
Enter the absolute path to Penci Speed Optimizer plugin & click ADD button, like this:

Disable opcache when you got 503 error after activate plugin "Penci PageSpeed Optimizer"

In some case, if you using PHP 8, you can get an error 503 issue after activating the plugin Penci PageSpeed Optimizer - you just need to go to your hosting > Cpanel > Select PHP Version > click on the "Extensions" tab and disable the opcache extension - check the image below:
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